Becoming a Vendor




Judah Bible Curriculum & Self-Evident Truths VENDOR.


You can earn money as a VENDOR of Judah Bible Curriculum material while helping to lead the EZRA Bible study movement to build the Biblical worldview and character needed to get America back on track.


Education for Liberty will pay you 50% of net on sales attributed to you as a vendor.


Be an Ezra!

“And Ezra set his heart to studying the law of the Lord, practicing it, and teaching His ordinances in Israel.” Ezra 7:10


FIRST– download and prayerfully read the e-book SELF-EVIDENT TRUTHS so that you can see how to rebuild the United States of America and be convinced for yourself that there is a future and a hope.


SECOND – Begin to use the JUDAH BIBLE CURRICULUM yourself in your homeschool, school, church or personal study to research the Scriptures, learn the ideas and principles upon which America was founded, practice them and teach them to your family and sphere of influence. The goal of Christian education is Biblically based, self-governing character under God.


THIRD – Fill out the VENDOR APPLICATION with your own VENDOR CODE for attributing sales to you.


FOURTH – Begin to share your vision with others. EZRA is a discipleship movement to learn and implement personally a thoroughly Biblical worldview in every area of life. You can use your e-mail contacts, social media, Facebook, homeschool support group, Sunday school class, Bible study group – any way to multiply Bible study and application. Ezra’s intent was national spiritual awakening.


HOW IT WORKS – On the vendor application you will create your own VENDOR CODE. Give this code to all those you are telling about the Self-Evident Truths ebook and the Judah Bible Curriculum. They must enter the code in the order page when they order so their sale will tally to you. At the end of each month, the total sales will be added up and we will send you a check – $22 for each Judah Bible Curriculum and $3.50 for each Self-Evident Truths e-book attributed to your vendor code.


CLICK HERE to apply and register your Vendor Code. Begin studying Self-Evident Truths and the Judah Bible Curriculumtoday. In a year, you can become an Ezra!