Elementary Education

Can the Judah Bible Curriculum be used for elementary students?

Absolutely! When instructing young students, the Judah Bible Curriculum makes it fun to learn timeless Biblical truths and stories. Be prepared: your young learners will obtain a foundational Biblical perspective of History from God’s perspective, and really enjoy the process! Since 1988, kids have loved the Judah Bible Curriculum notebook approach because it gives maximum room for creativity so as not to restrict their God-given talents and gifts.

In the beginning grades the students’ work would be more art projects, but as they grow in reading and writing skills, they will shift to learning basic research skills.  Each week, another weekly theme focus will be explored.

In a homeschool, all your students can study the same theme and keys each week, but their notebook work would reflect their individual skill and grade level.The weekly theme can become dinner-table conversation for your family.