From the Author

The Judah Bible Curriculum for Christian schools and homeschools is a Principle Approach curriculum for Bible class designed to help you, the parent or teacher, build into yourself and your students a practical knowledge of God and His word and His ways.

Principle Approach refers to a philosophy of education whose content and methods are designed to build character in teacher and student capable of sustaining liberty.


The Principle Approach is a resurgence of the Biblical philosophy of education prevalent in the founding period of America, when the character of the American colonists was one of dependence on God, not the State. This enabled and impelled them to overthrow their opposition under the tyranny of England and become a new nation, free yet not in anarchy. This education was done almost entirely in the home and the church and yielded a populace that was 96% literate; today we are 46% literate.

As America has veered away from God and increased in dependence on the state while becoming more chaotic, the critical need is to educate a next generation of Christians who are intelligent based in Truth, self-taught not media taught, and self-governed under God not dependent on state control.

With the Judah Bible curriculum, your children will be studying the Bible, not just studying about the Bible. They will learn to utilize reference materials and outside resources in their study. They will learn to reason from the Bible basis and apply Biblical principle to every area of life.

It is our desire that Bible class will become the favorite part of your school day, and that the lights will turn on in your students’ minds and hearts as they learn about our great God and His ways through the scriptures.

Bill Burtness

Author, Judah Bible Curriculum