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Self-Evident Truths

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Self-Evident Truths



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Often we hear, “America is based on Biblical principles.” But what are those principles and how do they work?

SELF-EVIDENT TRUTHS is an analysis of the ideas and principles that formed the basis of the American philosophy of government and founding documents. It traces their source in the Bible, their development through history, their codification in the American founding documents and their application to issues today

SELF-EVIDENT TRUTHS studies the WHYs of the American philosophy of government as the context for the constitutional mechanics.

SELF-EVIDENT TRUTHS is written in simple terms to be suited for American civics and government classes.

These ideas produced a people who were free but not in danger of anarchy and orderly but not because of civil force controlling them. They were at peace with one another and their unity and integrity were the engine of a prosperity that could ultimately be realized by anyone in the society. The civil structure was designed to protect this freedom.

To the extent that the American people have stuck closely to these ideals, freedom and prosperity have bloomed. But whenever the people have drifted away from them, the nation has declined.

SELF-EVIDENT TRUTHS must be studied and understood, then implemented personally by individuals across the society in order for liberty to thrive.

 Bill Burtness

Author of Self-Evident Truths


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